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The Individual Assignment System ("IAS") administers the assignment of cases in the Supreme, County, and Family Courts of New York State. Case assignment to a judge under IAS is triggered by filing a request for judicial intervention ("RJI") when a party files a motion, order to show cause, note of issue or request for preliminary conference. Once the case is assigned to a judge, a conference may be called for the purpose of hearing the motion, discussing discovery that remains to be completed, settlement or any other matters that the court may deem relevant. State court judges have their own rules with respect to motion practice. The rules for each Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island judge are printed in the Monday editions of The New York Law Journal. In order to keep abreast of the frequent changes in these rules it is necessary, if not imperative, to check the "Court Notes" section of the Law Journal to obtain the notices from the clerks of the Courts. The rules for all judges may be obtained from the IAS motion support office in each county courthouse. (The IAS Rules may be found in Part 202 of the Uniform Rules for the New York State Trial Courts, McKinney, New York Rules of Court, (1992), pp. 169 et seq. The Rules should be consulted.)

Wagner Cinelli - InstrumentalWagner Cinelli - InstrumentalWagner Cinelli - InstrumentalWagner Cinelli - Instrumental